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West coast is the coast, which is washed by the gulf Pagasitikos
East and southeast coast is the coast, which is washed by the Aegean sea.Mount Pelion is the interior and the mountainous region.

Pelion, the place for all seasons:

Pelion is a unique and incomparable area in Greece, which combines the infinite variety of mountain scenarios with the irresistible coastline and the sea. The whole thing is not only beautiful to look at, but also offers plenty of opportunities for experiences and activities.

Contrary to the expectations of many holidaymakers in Pelion, the landscape is very green and you will find many trees and plants that reach to the sea. Above all, you will find olive trees here that characterize the country. But also apples, cherries, peaches, apricots, and fig orchards or vineyards interrupt time and again the uniformity of the centuries-old olive groves.

The hilly peninsula on the Aegean Sea and Mount Pelion in the center is a vast area in the middle of Greece. The west coast of Pelion borders the Pagasitic Gulf, where the land gently slopes into the calm sea. While the eastern part goes out to the Aegean Sea and forms rocky slopes that are just plunging into the deep sea. On the coast there are sandy and beautiful beaches that are partially hidden between trees. Some of these beaches are accessible only by sea or boat.

Small, peaceful villages are located along the shores and add more color to this enchanting scenery. Pelion offers a unique hospitality to all people, that seek a unique holiday. The people are very open-minded and helpful, which will positively enrich your experiences.

On the eastern side of the Aegean, the landscape is rather wild and rough. Here the villages were built in windy heights over the slopes, where a few meters below them the force of the coast with water and wind prevails. Since nature has created few safe anchorages on this side of the mountain, there are countless pristine beaches with coarse-grained sand.

The northern end of the peninsula is mainly dominated by mountains. Pelion is over 1,600 meters high and covered with dense forests of oak and chestnut trees. The numerous well-built and cobbled paths called “kalderimia” are located throughout the region. Through them you can reach all the beautiful spots and interesting corners, as the paths offer excellent hiking opportunities. The paths and places give the visitor a special feeling of being very close to God and feeling the mystical beauty and total peace. This completely soothing environment and landscape are therefore used by many to meditate and contemplate and enjoy.