Activities for the four seasons…Spring, autumn, even winter in Pelion can be enjoyable. With the mountain covered in an aromatic canopy of pine trees Platanen and different spieces of remarkable nature, is a perfect place for activities as diving, hiking, water sports and horseback riding.

Pelion is an interesting and very special peninsula in the middle of Greece. More precisely, is located between Athens and Thessaloniki. Since the peninsula, with the mountain Pelion in the middle, is a hilly area, which is surrounded by the sea at the same time, offers many Pelion activities. In addition to classic nature viewing and hiking in Pelion, there are several other options as well as offers in Pelion. Therefore, visitors and holidaymakers in Pelion are never bored. Because there are always new exciting possibilities and there are impressive places to explore everywhere.

Pilion activities

Especially at the waterfront, there are many activities that are popular to holidaymakers. Not only the swimming  in the crystal blue water inspires many people, but also small and large boat tours along the coast of Pelion. These are perfect for younger as well as older vacationers and take you to many of the beautiful places, beaches and coastlines of Pelion. Even caves, which are to be driven by the water, are among the impressive Pelion activities.

Many people enjoy kayaking in a similar way. With rented kayaks, the coast of Pelion can be explored on its own or in company. It is well and safely equipped and has the choice between different kayaks. The route is usually agreed upon in advance or communicated to you, so that everything is planned and safe. The kayakers have of course a lot of experience in this area and are happy to give tips and assistance with this activitiy.

From the rented kayak we come directly to the rented boat. Because boat tours do not necessarily have to be booked, but you can also rent your own boat and make your own boat tour. It is usually not only the route freely selectable, but also the rental period and the number of people. All in all, renting a boat is a wonderful and unique Pelion activity that will be remembered for a long time.

Also, the small railroad of Pelion is a possibility that is loved by children more than just. The reason for this is obvious; because alone the railway is very interesting, because it concerns a steam locomotive. But even for the elderly is a train ride very pleasant, as you can see many great places and areas of Pelion in no time.

In the direction of adventure and action is a canyoning tour. Climb and swim in caves, canyons and many other adventurous and evocative places in Pelion. This is certainly one of the most strenuous but at the same time fun Pilion activities.

Hiking in Pelion

However, hiking in Pelion is also strenuous. Because of the stunning and unique nature and the great mix of mountains, hills, trees and water, hiking in Pelion is one of the most popular activities of Pelion. Therefore, there are also many hiking trails and Kalderimia in Pelion. Not everyone has to climb directly onto a high mountain, but can also simply stroll through the hilly and wooded areas of the peninsula. This is not only beautiful, but also very relaxing. The landscapes that you cross when hiking in Pelion are usually very green and you can always find interesting places.